The Milk Blossoms are an accessible enigma. Their music has all the otherworldly mysteriousness of a fairy tale and the intimate quality of a poetic diary adorned with doodles and glittery stickers to commemorate an especially poignantly captured chapter in one's personal biography. Ferociously gentle, dream pop and hip-hop, mystic chants of psychological self-healing, the trio is impossible to place into a definitive musical taxonomy yet easy to connect with immediately.


The group emerged from Denver's rich DIY music scene since Harmony and Michelle moved into a now defunct house show/art space called TeaHaus to attend school at CU Denver where they met Blair. Initially the trio regularly swapped instruments resulting in an eclectic yet coherent sound that depends more on imaginative incorporation of elements rather than classical technical prowess. Step forward a few years and The Milk Blossoms have, for now, settled into their various roles in manifesting the music with that spirit of experimentation going into the way the band crafts its songs.


In chronicling their lives and their musical development, The Milk Blossoms have released into the world two innovative records, 2015's Worrier and 2018's Dry Heave the Heavenly. Both are like snapshots of daydreams, snippets of memories relived, strands of what could bes and would could have beens and inside jokes having taken on a more universal meaning collaged into a heartfelt listening experience. Maybe the music has come out of a rustic futurism imagined by introverts but it has a powerful resonance for anyone willing to open themselves up to a personal vision of life's possibilities when you realize that vulnerability is a greater strength in life than toughness. ---Tom Murphy


They have been lucky to share the stage with acts including Ezra Furman and the Visions, Cocorosie, Emily Wells, Advance Base, and Jessica Lea Mayfield.

They have been featured on Colorado Public Radio Open Air, Radio 1190, Film on the Rocks and Colorado Public Television's Sounds on 29th.

Westword Music Awards:
2018-"Pop" Won
2017-"Indie Pop" Nominated
2016-"Experimental" Won