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Dry Heave the Heavenly
Out Now

Dry Heave the Heavenly (2018)

"From their beginning, the Milk Blossoms have striven for sonic perfection using sparse tools: beatboxing, singing, ukulele strumming and, more recently, keyboard playing. On Dry Heave the Heavenly, the band mixes goth-inspired folk, R&B and soul bolstered with mouth-made hip-hop beats and mournful vocals. The unsettling lyrics dive into desire, loss and confusion and summon demons and ghosts. Dry Heave the Heavenly is experimental and home-crafted, yet no sound — from clicks and pops to the soprano strum on the uke — appears accidental."

--Westword Magazine "The Ten Best Colorado Albums of 2018"


Worrier (2015)

"This album captures the magnificence of their live shows, and much, much more. The stunning vocals from Harmony and Michelle sit front and center, but the instrumentation behind the vocals is more nuanced and lush than ever. There are times when it’s Beach House-y, there are times when it’s Mount Eerie-y, there are lots of times when it’s Cocorosie-y, but overall, the whole piece is so distinctively Milk Blossoms-y, and it’s absolutely incredible."

--Toilet Water Zine, Clarke Sondermann

"Tell Me Something" Live from OpenAir CPR Performance Studio

Work it Bird Sessions

"Psychic Spirit" (Official Video)

"Flying Sparks"

Sofar Denver

Porch Session 
OpenAir CPR

Live from

The Underground Music Showcase 2018

"When We Kiss"
(from an empty warehouse)

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